The Aches (Head, Muscle, Back, Joint)

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780-8APS II W/White Willow Bark
APS II with White Willow Bark [Nervous] provides nutrients that aid proper nervous system function. White Willow Bark contains salicin, a compound chemically similar to salicylic acid used in aspir...more info

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1296-1Ayurvedic Joint Health
Ayurvedic Joint Health [Structural] provides nutritional support for the skeletal system. This system takes a lot of punishment: from heavy lifting, to sedentary living, to getting a less-than-opti...more info

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826-3CA, ATC Concetrated
Improves calcium absorption, bone knitter, teeth, fingernails, hair, cramps, seizures.

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823-5CA, Herbal
CA, Herbal [Structural] provides the body with natural sources of calcium, magnesium and silicon. Magnesium works synergistically with calcium, and silicon strengthens body tissues, including the s...more info

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3243-4Calcium Plus Vitamin D
Calcium Plus Vitamin D [Structural] supplies nutrients required for both the structural and nervous systems. Derived from bone meal and combined with other trace minerals needed by the body, NSP Ca...more info

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3244-6Calcium-Magnesium, SynerPro
Calcium Magnesium, SynerPro [Vital Nutrition] combination recognizes that each of these minerals depends on the other for proper assimilation in the body. Calcium is essential to the health of bone...more info

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1872-5Chinese Kidney Activator
Kidney Activator, Chinese [Urinary] is a Chinese combination of 14 herbs designed to support the urinary and lymphatic systems. Kidney Activator is called qu shi, meaning “to get rid of dampness.” ...more info

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3065-4Collatrim Capsules
Collatrim [Weight Loss, Structural] is composed mainly of bovine collagen the fibrous protein in bones, tendons and connective tissues. It provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids. W...more info

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Strengthen your Body’s daily defenses. This antioxidant-rich turmeric extract promotes a healthy inflammatory response while supporting your body’s immune, circulatory and glandular systems. Formul...more info

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948-4EverFlex w/ Hyluronic Acid
EverFlex® with Hyaluronic Acid [Structural] offers the benefits of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid and devil’s claw in one convenient tablet. Glucosamine helps maintain the integrity...more info

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288-1Feverfew (High Parthenolide)
Feverfew, High-Parthenolide [Nervous], commonly known as Bachelor's Buttons, contains niacin and iron and provides nutrition to the central nervous system. This herb offers nutritional support for ...more info

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1875-9IF-C (Clear The Heat) Qing Re
IF-C [Immune] is a Chinese combination of 18 herbs designed to support immunity and calm a stressed fire constitution. Its Chinese name quing re means clear the heat. These herbs nourish the immune...more info

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1007-2IF-C TCM Conc.
IF-C TCM Concentrate, Chinese [Structural, Immune] contains the same herbs found in Chinese IF-C but in a highly concentrated blend. This combination of 18 herbs is designed to support joint health...more info

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810-8Joint Support
Joint Support (formerly JNT-A) [Structural, Nervous, Immune] provides a host of nutrients beneficial to the structural system. When the joints and bones are nourished and healthy, the mind and hear...more info

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1883-3KB-C (Strengthen Water )Jian G
KB-C [Structural, Urinary] is a Chinese combination of herbs used for kidney and bone support. Its Chinese name jian gu means to strengthen the bones. KB-C is designed to strengthen the water eleme...more info

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