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3166-5ALJ Liquid
ALJ [Respiratory] is the key product for the respiratory system. It provides nutrients that must be present for proper respiratory system function. This formula supports healthy lung function and h...more info

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4080-4Bifidophilus Flora Force
The healthy human intestinal tract contains billions of bacteria that live in a delicate balance with each other and in symbiosis with us. We provide them with a home and in turn they break down ou...more info

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1751-2CBG Extract
Combination CBG Extract [Immune] is used to nutritionally support the immune system, especially during times of seasonal change. The herbs' key ingredients are extracted in alcohol using the spagyr...more info

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3241-8Chewable Vitamin C
Vitamin C, Chewable [Vital Nutrition] comes in chewable wafers made with Vitamin C and whole orange juice, freeze-dried to preserve natural nutrients. It is mixed with orange, rose hips and natural...more info

Stock No. 3241-8
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1794-1LB Extract
LB Extract [Intestinal] is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the intestinal system. Historically, many Native American tribes used cascara sagrada bark as a laxative. Senna and buckthorn ...more info

Stock No. 1794-1
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3163-3Stress-J Liquid
Stress-J (formerly STR-J) [Nervous]. This anti-stress formula provides nutrients that must be present for proper function of the nervous system. The formula contains one of the most favored herbs o...more info

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3343-1Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3
Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3 [Structural]. Lifelong calcium intake is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Obtaining adequate calcium is especially important...more info

Stock No. 3343-1
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3347-8Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune
Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune [Immune]. Fall and winter months can be especially challenging for children with their underdeveloped immune systems and picky diets that lack vitamins and nutrien...more info

Stock No. 3347-8
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3341-6Sunshine Heroes Multi Vitamin & Mineral
Sunshine Heroes Multiple Vitamin & Mineral provides vitamins and minerals to supplement a childís diet and to ensure that these important nutrients are not being missed. It provides 100% of the Rec...more info

Stock No. 3341-6
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3342-4Sunshine Heroes Omega 3 w/ DHA
Sunshine Heroes Omega 3 with DHA [Nervous, Circulatory] is a uniquely formulated childrenís supplement that provides omega-3 fatty acids. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) ...more info

Stock No. 3342-4
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3346-7Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power
Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power [Digestive, Intestinal]. The human body relies on a healthy level of probiotics for numerous functions, including metabolizing foods, absorbing nutrients, and mainta...more info

Stock No. 3346-7
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3345-3Sunshine Heroes Whole Foods Papayazme
Sunshine Heroes Whole Foods Papayazyme [Digestive, Immune]. Digestive enzymes are protein complexes that are essential for food digestion. They break down foods into nutrients that can be absorbed ...more info

Stock No. 3345-3
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