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The digestive process really begins when you simply think about eating, or even when you smell the aroma of something you want. A drop in blood sugar, the time of day, and the nose also may combine to signal the body that it's time to eat.
These signals awaken the sleeping organs that act upon the food you eat in hundreds of different ways! Digestion is only simple at the general level.
As food enters the mouth, salivary glands mix special chemicals with each bite to make further digestion easier. Chewing your food well also gives the stomach and related organs time to generate particular kinds of chemicals adapted to what the tongue is tasting.
As the body ages, the digestive system tires and slows down, especially under stress. This usually begins between the ages of 35-45, and stomach levels of hydrochloric acid (HCI) are too low for almost everyone older than 55. Hydrochloric acid is needed to digest proteins, and is the only desirable inorganic acid found in the body. All other acid, such as lactic and uric, are waste products from normal body functions, and these are eliminated as quickly as possible.

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1666-7Acidophilus-Milk Free
L. Acidophilus, Milk-Free [Digestive, Intestinal, Probiotics] is a strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus, a symbiotic homo-fermentative, lactic acid-producing bacteria. Acidophilus helps regulate the...more info

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1072-4All Cell Detox
All Cell Detox (formerly Special Formula #1 ) [Digestive, Intestinal] contains 17 herbs that support proper digestion and waste elimination. The formula is a natural source of calcium, iron, magnes...more info

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1198-4Anti-Gas Formula
Anti-Gas Formula (formerly AG-X ) [Digestive] contains a special blend of herbs that support digestion, assisting the body's efforts to expel intestinal gas and quell occasional nausea. This formul...more info

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4080-4Bifidophilus Flora Force
The healthy human intestinal tract contains billions of bacteria that live in a delicate balance with each other and in symbiosis with us. We provide them with a home and in turn they break down ou...more info

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140-2Burdock Capsules
Burdock [Digestive, Urinary] is a common weed with giant leaves, and seeds (burrs) that cling tenaciously to clothing. Burdock supports the urinary system in a variety of ways, including helping to...more info

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832-3Capsicum & Garlic W/ Parsley
Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley [Digestive] increases production of digestive juices, enhances circulation and boosts immune function. It also promotes healthy blood pressure. This combination offer...more info

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1782-0Capsicum Extract
Capsicum [Digestive, Circulatory] is added to many herbal formulas as a catalyst for the other herbs. It also stimulates digestion and enhances blood flow. It became NSP’s first product back in 197...more info

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3195-3Catnip & Fennel
Catnip & Fennel [Digestive, Nervous] liquid is a synergistic combination of two time-honored botanicals that primarily support the digestive and nervous systems. Catnip is a source of vitamins A, C...more info

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366-2Charcoal (Activated)
Charcoal, Activated [Digestive] has been used for at least 2,000 years and is well-known for its absorptive ability. It is often used to support the body's cleansing and detoxification mechanisms a...more info

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1869-9Chinese Anti-Gas
Anti-Gas, Chinese [Digestive, Intestinal] is a Chinese formula combining 15 herbs. It is considered “earth-reducing” in Chinese herbology. Its Chinese name xiao dao means to “clear the congestion.”...more info

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1483-5Chlorophyll ES
Protect and Strengthen Healthy Cells. Go extra green. this extra-strength, paraben-free formula features a more potent level of chlorophyll—the green pigment in plants responsible for harnessing th...more info

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3898-6Cinnamon Leaf Pure Essential Oil
Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil [Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Immune] (Cinnamonum zeylanicum, steam distilled) has warming properties that comfort and soothe the body and mind. Cinnamon's pungent, ...more info

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Dandelion [Urinary, Digestive] is a member of the sunflower family. Its name is a corruption of the French dents de lion, meaning teeth of the lion. Herbalists consider this plant one of the most n...more info

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3113-9Digestive Bitters Tonic
Digestive Bitters Tonic [Digestive, Intestinal] enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the body, improves the absorption of nutrients, and stimulates and cleanses the liver and gallbladder. ...more info

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1336-6Everybody's Fiber
Everybody’s Fiber [Intestinal] is a bulk powder product that combines fiber and herbs for cleansing and soothing the digestive system. Fiber is critical to colon health and proper digestive functio...more info

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