Life's Fortune® Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
All Natural Energy Source Supplying Whole Food Concentrates.

There is one thing that everyone wants when they take supplements, INCREASED ENERGY! Within 28 minutes of taking Life's Fortune®, your body begins to feel the power of this synergistic blend of vitamins and whole food concentrates. TOGETHER, THEY RELEASE A REAL BURST OF ENERGY - GUARANTEED!

Life's Fortune® is a member of the NNFA TRULABEL Program. This is your assurance of high quality. We have taken the best attributes of all the major multi-vitamins and after 40 years of nutritional experiences combined them into a single product! Life's Fortune® is the ultimate full spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral with antioxidants, whole foods, fortified organic natural proteins, herbs, digestive enzymes, trace minerals and vitamins in an all natural energy source whole food base! (See Our Ingredients List.) Your customers feel the difference quickly because Life's Fortune® is in an all natural energy source whole food base and remain motivated without waiting days for results! This means you will have rapid customer acceptance! For maximum results, adult recommended dosage is 3 tablets - once daily (made easy to swallow), children may take 1 to 3 tablets as desired. Life's Fortune® has proven to be the most complete balanced complex nutritional supplement, supplying the whole family's needs!

Life's Fortune 90 Tab Your Price: $28.95


Life's Fortune 180 Tab Your Price: $49.95


Life's Fortune Liquid 32 fl.oz. Your Price: $32.95

Life's Energy is a vegetarian friendly Iron Free Advanced Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Supplement contains ingredients of the highest quality. It is a Non-GMO supplement with Super Greens, Orac Berries Antioxidants, and Enzymes. It is free of soy, milk, yeast, wheat gluten, corn, egg and rye as well as no artificial colors or preservatives. Life's Energy helps maximize energy and vitality levels, provide essential nutrients, improves overall wellbeing, boost immune system and supports stress relief. For optimal health benefits, take 2 per day.

Life's Energy (Iron Free) 60 Tablets Your Price: $21.95

Life's Energy (Iron Free) 120 Tablets Your Price: $37.95

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