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80-3Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh [Glandular] has been valued by many societies for its nutritional support of the female reproductive system. Modern natural-health enthusiasts use black cohosh to nourish the female gl...more info

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1122-4Breast Assured
Breast Assured [Glandular] is a blend of herbs and nutrients that support and protect women's reproductive health, especially the breasts. The carefully selected ingredients help to balance female ...more info

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C-X [Glandular] is designed to provide nutrients that must be present for the proper function of the reproductive glands of mature women. It contains plant sources of chromium, magnesium and seleni...more info

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1124-9Cramp Relief
Cramp Relief [Glandular]. For some women, menstrual cramps can interfere with everyday activities. Cramp Relief helps the body relax contracted muscles and ease cramping. This formula contains seve...more info

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834-5Cranberry & Buchu
Natures Sunshine Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate [Urinary]. Separate scientific studies have concluded that 1) cranberry juice has substances that alter the bacteria population in urine, and 2) a spe...more info

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Damiana [Glandular] is an aromatic shrub that grows abundantly in dry, rocky soils. It is believed to have mildly stimulating qualities due to its volatile oil content. Damiana supports glandular h...more info

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4202-2DHEA-F Women's
DHEA-F [Glandular] contains 25 mg DHEA per capsule in a synergistic herbal base of wild yam, false unicorn and chaste tree (the F indicates that this formula is for females). NSP developed this sup...more info

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878-7FCS II With Lobelia
FCS II [Urinary, Glandular] provides nutritional support especially for the uterus and its blood vessels. It contains: Red raspberry leaves, Black cohosh root, Golden seal root, Blessed thistle her...more info

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882-2Female Comfort
Female Comfort (formerly FC with Dong Quai ) [Glandular] is designed to support proper balance of the female reproductive and glandular systems. It contains: Red raspberry leaves, Dong quai root, G...more info

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Flash-Ease [Glandular] contains black cohosh, a popular herb native to the West. It is widely known for its ability to help support the mature woman's body as she encounters normal glandular imbala...more info

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1585-8Folic Acid Plus
Folic Acid Plus [Vital Nutrition] is essential for human health, especially for the developing fetus. Deficiencies in folic acid have been linked to neural tube defects that affect the brain and sp...more info

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1886-5HY-C (Nourish Yin) Bu Yin
HY-C [Glandular] is a Chinese combination of 16 herbs that nutritionally support the glandular system and associated metabolic processes. The Chinese call this formula bu yin, which means to supple...more info

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1125-3Menstrual Reg
Menstrual Reg [Glandular]. Heavy menstruation is uncomfortable, especially when it is accompanied by cramping, bloating and mild mood changes. Menstrual Reg is designed to help reduce these symptom...more info

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4106-4Natural Changes
Natural Changes® [Glandular]. Around the age of 50, many women experience menopause and its symptoms due to a natural decrease in hormone levels.
Natural Changes combines our most popular nu...more info

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NF-X [Glandular]. This traditional formula supports female reproductive health. NF-X contains the following herbs in a proprietary blend: Golden seal root Capsicum fruit Ginger root Uva urs...more info

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